2017 / 2

A systemic transformation will take a systemic movement. But what would such a Global Citizens Movement look like, and how can we foster its emergence?

The Problem of Action
December 2017

An exchange on the discussion note “How Do We Get There? The Problem of Action” by Paul Raskin, with a response from the author. Featuring Kavita Byrd, John Foran, Herman Greene, Candido Grzybowski, Michael Karlberg, Debbie Kasper, Roz Savage, Roberto Savio, Bruce Schuman, Mimi Stokes, Sandra Waddock, and John Wood.

It becomes clearer every day that our economy is failing to serve people and planet. Stewart Wallis, former executive director of the New Economics Foundation, describes a new economy and new efforts to galvanize it.

Ensuring economic and civil rights for all requires much deeper regional and global political integration—and ultimately a democratic world government.

Global Government
October 2017

An exchange on the essay “Global Government Revisited” by Luis Cabrera, with a response from the author. Featuring Daniele Archibugi, Andreas Bummel, Joan Cocks, Lucie Edwards, Arturo Escobar, Richard Falk, Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, George Liodakis, Joseph E. Schwartzberg, and Allen White.

In a multipolar world, developing nations like Brazil are playing a larger role in international diplomacy. Former Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim offers insights from the front line.

Money for the People
August 2017
Money creation today depends on the banks—but it doesn't have to. Imagine a system in which states, instead, created money free of debt and guaranteed sustainable livelihoods for all.
On Money
August 2017

An exchange on the essay "Money for the People” by Mary Mellor, with a response from the author. Featuring John Fullerton, Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Jonathan Harris, Alf Hornborg, Christopher Barrington-Leigh, Mary Sue Schmaltz, and David Schweickart.

Monoculture can be risky, whether in agriculture or in money. Complementary currencies can help undergird an economy oriented toward people rather than profit.