2018 / 2
“Green capitalism” is an illusion, and twentieth-century socialism is a perversion. We need a new model and movement for a democratic and ecological socialism that links with the wider movement for a better world.
Do Red and Green Mix?
December 2018
An exchange on "Why Ecosocialism: For a Red-Green Future" by Michael Löwy, featuring Herman Daly, John Bellamy Foster, Kerryn Higgs, Giorgos Kallis, Alex Khasnabish, Ashish Kothari, Fred Magdoff, Simon Mair, Mary Mellor, and Vishwas Satgar, with a response from Michael Löwy
Loving the planet begins with loving community and nature at home. Farmer, activist, and prolific author Wendell Berry reflects on his life cultivating deep cultural and political roots of resistance.
Global capitalism is roiling class structure and forging a new mass class of precarious workers. The fight for a universal basic income can help catalyze this “precariat” as a transformative change agent.
Debating the Precariat
October 2018
An exchange on the essay "The Precariat: Today's Transformative Class?" by Guy Standing, featuring Bill Fletcher, Nancy Folbre, Azfar Khan, Alexandra Köves, George Liodakis, Ronaldo Munck, William I. Robinson, Pritam Singh, Eva-Maria Swidler, and Alison Tate and Evelyn Astor, with a response from the author.
Activist Medea Benjamin talks about her life at the forefront of the fight for peace and justice, and the need now more than ever to organize beyond borders.
A legacy of the Cold War, nuclear weapons will leave us perennially on the eve of destruction—until they are abolished once and for all. Nuclear abolitionists must join forces with movements seeking sustainability and justice to overcome governmental hostility and public apathy.
How to Ban the Bomb
August 2018
An exchange on the essay “Nuclear Abolition: The Road from Armageddon to Transformation" by David Krieger, featuring Andreas Bummel, David Barash, Richard Falk, Anna Harris, Judith Lipton, Ian Lowe, Hiroo Saionji, and Lawrence Wittner, with a response from the author.
In a world of spiraling ecological and social crises, where does one find hope? Eco-philosopher Joanna Macy discusses how understanding the interdependence of our world prepares us for the fight to improve it.