Femke Wijdekop

Femke Wijdekop

Femke Wijdekop is a Legal Researcher at the Institute for Environmental Security and a Senior Expert in environmental justice at IUCN Netherlands. Previously, she worked as a researcher in the fields of international and constitutional law at the University of Amsterdam. For the past several years, she has been campaigning with End Ecocide in Europe to make ecocide the fifth crime against peace. Her published writings have focused on such issues as the emerging ecocentrism in law and the Urgenda climate case, in which she is a co-litigant. She holds a Masters of Law degree in international history from the Free University Amsterdam.
  • GTI Contributions

    Against Ecocide: Legal Protection for Earth Viewpoint
    Against Ecocide: Legal Protection for Earth

    August 2016

    A movement is gaining traction to recognize the wanton destruction of nature by states and corporations as a crime under international law. The resistance will be fierce, but the emerging ecocentrism in law and citizen activism offers grounds for hope.

    With commentary by Rahul Goswami, Brian Henning, Paul Nieuwenhuis, Robert Paehlke, Linda Sheehan, Neera Singh, Pella Thiel, Tim Weiskel, and Allen White, and a response from the author.