Mary Sue Schmaltz

Mary Sue Schmaltz

Mary Sue Schmaltz worked in various New York–based financial institutions in the area of global institutional investments and for the past few years has been actively engaged in promoting new economic and business models that prioritize quality of life. She writes on socioeconomic issues with a focus on the core systemic impediments to socially responsive economic practices and well-functioning financial markets. Presently, she is part of the writing team for Mary Kogut Lowell Professional Writing and Legal Services and is an advocate for the elderly as a Certified Senior Advisor and an Ombudsman for Long-Term Care.

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    Roundtable on Money Roundtable
    Roundtable on Money

    August 2017

    We need to address the whole system of money and finance, not just creation and control of currency.

    A contribution to an exchange on Money for the People