Ban the Bomb Redux

The tentative agreement with Iran notwithstanding, international progress on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament has stalled in recent years. Last month, Pakistan test-fired a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to any part of India. India and Israel, which like Pakistan are not signatories of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, are also flexing their nuclear muscles. China has been building up its nuclear arsenal and preparing to arm its submarines with nuclear missiles. The early moves toward disarmament in the US under the Obama administration have shifted toward one of nuclear modernization. Tensions between the US and Russia over nuclear build-up have been rising, and nuclear security cooperation threatened. The nightmare of nuclear apocalypse may not loom as large in the public imagination as it did during the Cold War, but geopolitical tensions in our multipolar world order bring a proliferation of danger. The time is past due for dialing up international efforts and civil activism for ridding the world of nuclear weapons once and for all.

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Journey to Earthland

The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization

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