The Cracking of Conventional Worlds
The Cracking of Conventional Worlds

The election of business mogul Donald Trump as US president may have come as a shock, but it was by no means a unique occurrence. In many places, illiberal politics have been on the rise in reaction to recession, austerity, mass migration, terrorism, and the displacements of market-driven globalization. Racist and xenophobic forces scapegoat minorities and immigrants for the failures of the political system, while demagogues proffer simplistic formulas for complex problems. The world has been drifting into the future in Conventional Worlds mode, and the cracks in the status quo are widening. Not surprisingly, the risks grow of descent into a Fortress World future. At the same time, a progressive movement for “another world” rooted in equity, solidarity, and sustainability is stirring. The urgent task now is to mobilize against reactionary forces and to bring hopeful visions and systemic solutions.

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Journey to Earthland

The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization

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