Roundtable on Human Rights

An exchange on the emancipatory potential of human rights, prompted by the essay Human Rights: Advancing the Frontier of Emancipation

A headshot of Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson
The liberal individualism at the core of a human rights framework is at odds with the need to recognize our global interdependence.

A headshot of Luis Cabrera
Luis Cabrera
Crackdowns by authoritarian and nationalist governments pose a major obstacle to the human rights agenda, but opportunities abound in the growth of regional institutions.

A headshot of Joseph Camilleri
Joseph Camilleri
The seismic power shift attendant of Asia’s rise offers an opportunity for civilizational dialogue about the relationship between rights and responsibilities.

A headshot of Jonathan Cohn
Jonathan Cohn
A right to a clean environment is an important next step in the expansion and evolution of rights.

A headshot of Riane Eisler
Riane Eisler
We need to expand human rights theory and practice to include human rights violations in the private sphere, especially against women and children.

A headshot of Alice Froidevaux
Alice Froidevaux
Who are the global players that constitute the human rights movement?

A headshot of Aaron Karp
Aaron Karp
The expansion of human rights in the face of relentless attacks from established hierarchies speaks to the power of ordinary people and an innate human desire for dignity and freedom.

A headshot of Evelin Lindner
Evelin Lindner
Only with the globalization of an ethos of dignity and care can the human rights vision flourish.

A headshot of Alvaro de Regil Castilla
Álvaro de Regil Castilla
Realizing human rights will be impossible as long as we remain trapped in the dominant marketocratic paradigm.

A headshot of Noha Tarek
Noha Tarek
Human rights discourse too often fails to trace the roots of human rights violations to their ultimate geopolitical causes, the machinations of great powers.

A headshot of Allen White
Allen White
Multinational corporations will continue to violate the human rights of workers and communities until a powerful, diverse global movement holds them accountable.

A headshot of Kathryn Sikkink
Author's Response
Kathryn Sikkink addresses points raised by the contributors to this roundtable. Read


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